Tecnico installatore e rivenditore accessori per campeggio, caravan e camper Cavallino-Treporti (VE) Italia

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via del vetraio, 18
CAP 30013

General information: info@gabrieleluchetta.it
Sales: massimoschiavon@gabrieleluchetta.it
Customer Support: gabrieleluchetta@alice.it
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In about six years, Gabriele Luchetta was able to gain your trust, turning over the entire coast of Cavallino-TREPORTI.
Your mouth is always our best advertisement: Who better than you can recommend to another potential customer to choose us?
No booklet, brochure or similar advertising, will ever have the strength of a disinterested opinion of a satisfied customer.
For this limit our advertising costs for groped maintained beyond the usual quality, even the same price, in order to overcome this crisis together.

But for those who still do not know us, here a brief overview of the services that we offer:

1 - MAINTENANCE ordinary and extraordinary of caravans and campers;
2 - Installation of all kinds such as roofs and air conditioners for caravans;
3 - Assembly and disassembly of porches, roofs, porches, gazebo, kitchen, carpets and mats.
4 - Cleaning and repair of porches, gazebo, kitchen and roof terraces.
5 - on-site with our mobile workshop or (usually during the winter months) in our new workshops: such as accommodation problems or infiltration electrical, hydraulic or any other.